SharePoint AJAX Issues

by Administrator 21. March 2011 19:05

If you are having issues with AJAX and SharePoint, make sure to install all current patches and fixes via Central Admin -> Review problems and solutions -> All Reports

This list can show security, configuration, and availability issues:


under security "The server farm account should not be used for other services."

under configuration "Product / patch installation or server upgrade required"

under availability "Drive are running out of free space"

This area will also show failing servers, services and last modified dates for the issue.





SharePoint 2010 GridView with data source controls

by Administrator 20. March 2011 19:22

A nice set of GridView examples:



SharePoint 2010 and GridView

by Administrator 20. March 2011 19:15

I reciently spent some time working with the GridView control in SharePoint 2010.

Here is a good example of using a ModalPopupExtender:



Setting up Share Point 2010 on Windows 7

by Administrator 20. March 2011 19:03

The Microsoft instructions for setting up a Share Point 2010 development environment on Windows 7 can be found here:


One thing to keep in mind is the need to create a single long command (using notepad to remove the carrage returns) in step 8 before pasting it into a command prompt.


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